It is an ode to a mother

It is her chronicle of life

She is the holy Earth

The giver of life…

A million miles away she lived

In a galaxy full of stars

Where she was bestowed with light of hope

And blessings form the divine…

Soon Earth got her companions;

The lush green flora

The bright cheerful fauna…

The mother Earth soon began to glow

Her beauty shimmered with their love

Mesmerizing even the goddess of beauty Venus…

They all lived happily with ease

Our mother Earth too lived with peace

But soon the storm of fiery inferno rose

Burning her utopian world to ash and smoke

The inferno was none but her children

 The earthlings whom she had given birth

Her daughter Nature came and cried

Oh mother oh mother save my life

The kind mother Earth gave justice to Nature her child

Punished all the humans but still,

She a mother was polite…

She grounded her children for months

 They were locked in their house.

The humans then realized their folly

And sleeked for forgiveness from the divine

The kind Earth restored everything at once

And peace and prosperity flourished in the world…

It is the story of our divine mother

The benevolent Earth the orb rejoiced,

She the mother of mankind

The holy Earth the guardian of life…

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