My Ecstasy



Hovering the sky the clouds came

with them they brought the rain

The rain showered it’s blessings

On the Meadows and Plains

The chirr of the Robin

To the sound of the pitter-patter

All welcomed the Monsoon spate

bidding farewell to the hot Summer days…

Butterfly fly away…

Butterfly fly away

Spread those delicate wings

And soar the sky…

A week’s life you have

Cherish it…

It’s too small for compromises

Fly to the flower

Suck its nectar

Fill yourself with its fragrance

The way you fill our hearts

With beautiful emotions…

Though you know nothing

Nothing of the beauty you have

About the abilities you have

Oh! Butterfly fly away

Listen to the melodies

Of those beautiful tall trees

In that wilderness in that essence

Go find your destiny

Oh! Make beautiful memories

Where you’ll discover your identity

Where you’ll be a glory

Go beautiful butterfly

Fly away high up in the sky

The life is too short to make any compromise….

Silver Lining,

It was the sun that burnt brightly…

Behind these clouds of silver lining

It was their delicate beauty …

That filled our soul deeply

With ethereal light of purity ….