A Starry Night.

When I saw the stellar sky

Burning brightly in the gloaming night

I was reminded of my insignificance

In this orb where we thrive

I wanted to become one like them

And be called Sirius the one

Shining brightly in this starry night…

The Benevolent Tree

I had a dream, a long time ago,

Saw myself talking to a deodar tree,

It was the only one that stood in the vicinity,

The tree told me how it felt, about the world,

About me and my family,

Told me there once stood a forest,

All lush and green……

Then humans came in,

They nurtured us, protected us

 But then, the greed took over,

Became acquisitive and annihilator of life,

We still loved them, but they loved their pride,

The tree told me…..

I was reminded of the love and peace,

That I shared with the tree in my childhood

Being my only companion…

In the good and the bad days,

Winter or Summer; Autumn or Spring,

She was the only deodar tree I saw in contiguity…

The tree told me that it was her time to bid farewell,

Both me and to the rest of the world,

She loved me,

And I had her blessings to keep.

I woke up in a jolt from my dream and ran,

Only to find her,

Hewed by the axe,

She laid on the ground

I Know I cried my heart out,

I still do

Whenever I think of the tree in my reverie.

Whenever I think of the tree in my reverie.


At times it’s better to keep low-key,
Good enough not to show you bleed,
Hiding all your hobbies,
To get to your dream,
It’s better at times to break,
To know that you will rise again.

Trust is deficit,
Love rejected,
You know you are alone,
But there is fire in your soul,
Then why do you cry the most,
Oh! You lie the most,
Run for things you were never made for,
You break again just to achieve more.

At times it’s nice to feel low,
It makes the taste of success much brighter,
And the wounds much lighter,
This is dedicated to the people who are fighters,
This fight of struggle won’t last long.

It won’t last forever, you’ll have your share,
Share of a better life, peaceful and bright one,
Filled with happiness and love,
Just keep moving my dear,
You’ll reach your destiny,
After such a long tiring journey,

There will be calm waters,
Cause you have seen the hardest battles,
Which God has given to his toughest warrior,
And now it’s time for you to become a winner,
A hero of your own life!

Yes, it’s good to feel low,
It makes you humble,
It is a fact you should know,
Just don’t forget to keep hope,
Both in you and your God.